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Electronic Monitoring

While taking non-violent offenders out of the prison system offers many benefits, electronic monitoring programs must be able to ensure a high level of security that cannot be compromised. Correctional Counseling of Mississippi has the most sophisticated technology in the industry.

Global Positioning System (GPS) - Our satellite tracking system gives the exact latitude and longitude of the client around the clock. Participants wear a body secured transmitter programmed with inclusion/exclusion zone limitations. Each unit reports in active real-time giving immediate notifications of alerts or violations. High sensitivity GPS reception and a secure fiber-optic tamper detection ankle bracelet provide the most effective supervision in the industry. Cost to participant: $12 per day with a one-time $50 installation fee.

Incarceration costs our taxpayers an average of $36 per day per prisoner. By utilizing house arrest programs, counties in Mississippi and surrounding states could see savings of thousands of dollars and more jail space for hardened criminals.

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