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Probation Order

Please use the form below to submit a probation order to Correctional Counseling of Mississippi.

Download the Probation Order form and use the form below to send us your completed probation order. You can also fax or email it to us once completed. Fax probation orders to 601-949-9959 or email

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Probation Order WebForm

You can also submit a probation order using the webform below.

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Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention: You will complete at your own expense.
Anger Management: You will complete a counseling program at your own expense.
Domestic Violence: You will complete a counseling program at your own expense.
Drug Testing: You will submit to random drug/alcohol testing during your probation at your own expense. Financial Responsibility: You will complete a counseling program at your own expense.
GED: You will enroll in a GED program at your own expense.
Inpatient/Outpatient Treatment: You will complete a certified treatment program for drug/alcohol dependency.
MASEP: You will enroll at your own expense.
Pre-Sentence Report: You will submit to an evaluation and assessment for use in sentencing at your own expense.
Victim Impact Seminar: You will enroll at your own expense.
Vocational Training: You will complete a job readiness program. (Recommended when unemployment is used as an excuse not to pay fines.)
Other Counseling Programing: You will complete a counseling program at your own expense.

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County Jail


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741 Harris St. Suite A Jackson MS 39202 | Phone: 601-949-9960 | Fax: 601-949-9969
2502 9th St. Meridian MS 39301 | Phone: 601-483-0083 | Fax: 601-483-5208
1575 2nd Ave. North Columbus MS 39705 | Phone: 662-244-7124 | Fax: 662-244-7189


General Rules of Probation

1. Hereafter commit no offense against the laws of Mississippi or any state of the United States, the United States or any political subdivision thereof.

2. Do not consume alcohol in any amount or drugs not prescribed by a medical doctor. Correctional Counseling of MS (‘Probation Agency’) must be notified of any drugs in your possession or consumed within 72 hours of being prescribed by physician.

3. Avoid persons or places of disreputable or harmful character; do not go to bars, clubs or associate with known criminals or persons of low character.

4. Report to the Probation Agency as directed. Contact your probation officer immediately should you be arrested or even questioned by a law enforcement officer. You shall answer any reasonable inquiries of the probation officer. You will act respectful at all times in you dealings with the probation officer.

5. Attend and complete any assessment interviews, testing, treatment regimens, special programs or counseling as directed by the Court or the Probation Agency, and pay any agreed upon fees as required for services.

6. Permit the Probation or Field Officer to visit you at home, or elsewhere for the purpose of insuring compliance with the conditions of probation.

7. Remain employed or search diligently for employment if you are not employed; remain in school if you are a student; contact your probation officer immediately if you change employment or if your work schedule changes.

8. Contact your probation officer immediately if you move, if your mailing address changes, or if your phone number changes. If you are under house arrest, you must receive approval prior to making such a change.

9. Remain within the county provided to the Court as your residence and surrounding counties unless authorized to leave on proper application therefor.

10. Attend all scheduled reporting visits with your probation officer. In the event of an emergency, contact your probation officer to reschedule your appointment. Make your first appointment with the probation office marked below within 24 hours of receiving this order. Failure to contact the Probation Agency within 24 hours of a scheduled visit will result in a Notice of Probation Violation being submitted to the Court.

11. Submit, as provided in Section 1 of House Bill 354, 1983 Regular Session, to any type of breath, saliva or urine chemical analysis test, the purpose of which is to detect the possible presence of alcohol or a controlled substance considered to be against the laws of the State of Mississippi or the United States, and pay a fee for each analysis.

12. Make all regularly scheduled agreed-upon payments towards any fines, restitution and any other costs or assessments required. Pay to the Probation Agency its fees, in a timely manner, until discharged from supervision. All fees, including court fines, must be paid prior to release from probation supervision.

13. Pay all costs of collection, including attorney’s fees on any amount due or declared to be due, and placed with an attorney for collection, on failure to pay any of the fees, fines, restitution, assessments or other cost, generally, and specifically as outlined in paragraph 12 above.

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