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Counseling Programs for Offenders

Our MRT-based programs are certified in 29 states and are the only programs PROVEN in published research to reduce recidivism by up to 50%. Our groups meet once per week with a certified instructor. Weekly payment plans are available.

* Correctional Counseling of MS is the only probation company in Mississippi with certification from the Mississippi Department of Mental Health.  

MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) - A twelve step program that meets one time per week. Increases moral reasoning in offenders, instills character development, increases awareness of life purpose, decreases re-arrests and probation violations.

Anger Management - An eight module program designed specifically for use with clients who have a propensity toward violence, argumentative or oppositional clients, and those who have difficulty expressing anger feelings appropriately.

Domestic Violence - A twenty-four module program that meets once per week used for perpetrators of true domestic violence. Focuses on faulty beliefs, attitudes and behaviors leading to violence in relationships.

Something for Nothing - An eight step program designed specifically for the offenses of shoplifting, petit larceny, embezzlement, and bad check writing. Guides clients through budgeting and planning for daily living.

Parenting and Family Values - A twelve step program that enforces proper parenting techniques and moral family issues.

DUI Second Offender* - A ten week program designed for DUI second offenders, certified by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health. Includes a DUI diagnostic assessment.

Sex Offender Crisis Intervention - A cognitive-behavioral system designed for non-violent, first-time sex offenders for relapse prevention. The program combines individual counseling, group therapy and polygraph testing to ensure compliance.

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